What I Do

Emily is a digital marketing specialist with a focus on social media strategy, content creation, syndication and overall branding. She’s established a distinct resume through her experience in non-profits, publishing, journalism, retail, digital media, public relations and marketing. Prior to starting her own business, Emily was the Audience & Marketing Coordinator for Chic Media, then a Marketing Manager at Morris Marketing Group. As Marketing Manager she was responsible for overseeing and facilitating all marketing strategy and tactics to include, traditional and digital advertising, public relations, social media, grassroots marketing, and community relations. Emily has worked closely with more than 10 brands to increase their overall brand awareness and digital footprint, develop and increase social media presence, establish and nurture an online cult following, derive and implement high-level digital and print marketing plans, and cultivate strategic partnerships and syndication opportunities.


  • Marketing Account Management
  • Social Media: Content Creation, Audience Growth & Platform Management.
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Multi-Platform Content Strategy, Development and Syndication.
  • Copywriting
  • Public Relations Writing and Distribution
  • Digital Marketing Strategy, Targeting and Advertising
  • SEO Strategy and Implementation
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Personal Development & Goal Attainment Coach


Social Media* – 

  • Basic Set Up
  • Content Curation
  • Content/Page Management
  • Follower Engagement
  • Analytics/Reporting
  • and more!

Need help with Social Media? Click HERE to request more information!

Marketing* – 

  • Social Media Ad Targeting, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Copywriting
    • Website
    • Blogs
    • Print Marketing
  • and more!

Need help with Marketing? Click HERE to request more information!

Public Relations* – 

  • Syndication and Content/Brand Promotion
  • Local Digital, Print and On-Air Pitching
  • National Digital, Print and On-Air Pitching
  • Press Releases
  • and more!

Need help with Public Relations? Click HERE to request more information!

All of the Above* – 

Are you in need of a wholistic Social Media/PR/Marketing plan for your business?  Email me HERE to schedule a meeting. I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your business!

*Please note this is a general list of what I can provide you however, each client is different therefore I develop a unique plan/package for each client based on their immediate needs and overall goals. 

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Email me: eehertlein@gmail.com

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