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Content Confidence!!

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This is a major investment in you and in your business! Way to go!

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Please join the private Facebook Group! This is important because,
inside of the Facebook group is where all the magic will happen!

The Facebook Group is where our weekly live session will take place. I will also be sharing more resources such as downloadable templates and even having surprise expert guests drop in from time to time.

Please make sure to check your inbox for your welcome email that includes all the next steps and important information for getting started in the Content Confidence Course!

**If you don't see it, please check your spam/promotions folder in your email.

If you want to search for it, the ‘from’ email is: contentconfidencecourse@gmail.com and the subject line is: Content Confidence Course-- Let’s Get Started!!

Your Course officially starts on September 8th , 2021


Step One: Request to join the private Facebook group & introduce yourself once the course officially starts!

I will be approving later this week! Once you're in the group, please post a picture or quick video introducing yourself to your fellow female entrepreneurs! (Videos shouldn’t be over 2 minutes)

Once you gain access to the group, bookmark the page for quick and easy access to your live training and Course community.

Step Two: Set reminders in your phone! I'll be going LIVE in our private Facebook group every Wednesday of the 6-week course (refer to your course calendar), starting at 5pm PST / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern.


You will want to mark out about an hour to 90 minutes each day, but if time doesn’t allow for all 90 minutes, there will be a replay later in the week...but, please don't rely on these as your main class.

Step Three: Review your materials ahead of time. Get familiar with your week one materials before we meet. No you don’t need to know any of it, but having a brief understanding of what we're discussing will be great!

I am so excited for you! Let’s go!

See you soon!