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Emily Hertlein

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I hate to admit it but, I’m not one for small talk. I don’t know it just always feels awkward to me and totally disingenuous. So to avoid us having to make any form of small talk, I figured I would tell you a few key facts about me up front and that way when we run into each other at Kroger we’ll have plenty to talk about. Sound good? Good! Here goes it…

  1. I am originally from St. Louis
  2. I moved to Memphis October 2016 to be closer to family.
  3. “I have a very particular set of skills…” but seriously, my area of expertise is evaluating your brand’s online presence and determining ways to improve it and optimize current and future efforts in order to produce measurable results.
  4. Strategy is my FAVORITE! Also, problem-solving.
  5. love audio books – especially if it’s a biography, self-help or a marketing book.
  6. do not love audio books that aren’t read by the author. I feel completely cheated!
  7. I am a certified life-coach and goal-attainment coach, which is a fancy title for someone who likes to help people solve problems and achieve their goals.
  8. I’m a dog person, but I will accept any adorable tiny baby animal you give me.
  9. Making a difference in my corner of the world is very important to me, especially helping women discover their purpose and carve out their own portion of success in the world.
  10. I love naps and snack time. Yes, I’m in Kindergarten.

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