5 Mistakes to Stop Making if You Want to Increase Your Facebook Following

1. Hashtags

Are you hashtaging the wrong things or worse not hashtagging at all?

Believe it or not hashtags are crucial to building your social media following. What happens when you add a hashtag to your post is Facebook immediately indexes the post with other posts that discuss the same topic or include the same keyword(s). More hashtags mean more visability yes, but too many hashtags is well, too many! Make sure to be specific and strategic when you hashtag.

2. Links

Simply put the website link you add to your post will either drive traffic to your site or away from it.

Two things to consider when adding a link to a Facebook post:

  1. Is this link valuable enough to my audience that it is worth not directing them to my website? If yes, then add it. You want to gift your audience with valuable information and sometimes that means sending them to an outside link. (Keyword: sometimes)
  2. Is this link driving traffic to the right page on my website? Where you direct your audience is crucial. If you direct someone to a page on your site that doesn’t provide a service or add value it may cause them to hop off your site quickly and that will negatively effect your sites analytics.

3. Videos

Are you creating and/or sharing videos on Facebook? If the answer is no, you’re making a HUGE mistake!

This is very important specifically for Facebook because of its new algorithm. Facebook is making a huge push for the use of native video features, such as Facebook Live. Basically what that means is video is and will continue receiving more favorability in your audiences Facebook feed. Don’t let this intimidate you; with a little creativity you too can add video content to your feed.

4. Posting

It used to be the more you posted the more likely you were to show up in someone’s feed, but not anymore. Less is more, so much more!

Stop spending crazy amounts of time producing “good” content and focus on creating and optimizing the type of content that is really working. The better the content the more likely someone will pay attention to it and the longer someone pays attention to it, the more favor it receives in the algorithm. You can fill in the gaps with low traffic driving content but be sure you’re only “boosting” the unicorns.

5. Boosting

Speaking of boosting a post, don’t be too quick to pull the boost trigger. Content that deserves boosting is content that is organically receives more engagement that your other posts – we call these “unicorns.” Only unicorns deserve boosting. Say it with me, “Only unicorns deserve boosting!”

Another thing to remember is not to boost content that drives traffic to someone else’s site or Facebook page – this does not help you, it only costs you. If you’re spending money on a boost make sure you’ve determined there is a return on that investment. A valuable return can include more Facebook page likes, increased website traffic, post shares, or purchases.

Your brand’s best interest in mind,


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