60 Second Goals


Last night I was sitting on my bed just brain storming and daydreaming about what I want to accomplish in the very near future. I was super inspired by a conversation I had with my friend Jacki a few hours earlier. She simply asked me what are two of my goals? I quickly answered with, be an author and establish a non-profit. What I didn’t expect was for her to say, “then do it. whatever it is you want to do start now.” She basically explained that I’ll never be at the perfect place of “ready” or the right amount of “professional” to begin something, if I’m passionate about it I should start now. I’ve heard this said many times in many different ways but for some reason the way she said it so plainly and matter of fact resonated with me. I realized in that moment that there are so many little steps I can take now that will land me in the right place before I know it.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a person who doesn’t begin something until I feel pretty well prepared to do so. I’ve realized that in the past I’ve actually kept myself from experiences and opportunities because of my need to first feel like I had all my ducks in a row. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m not spontaneous because trust me I can fly by the seat of my pants. What I mean for example is my inability to begin writing my book because I felt like I didn’t have all the chapters figured out and all the quotes and references on paper. Instead of just doing some creative writing that would have gotten me a lot further along than I am now, I restrained myself from the opportunity to gradually build on something. This realization really sunk in last night. I no longer want to hold back on my ideas or creativity, instead I want to make any little stride I possibly can towards meeting my goals.

That’s when I decided to have a 60 second goal session. Have you ever rapidly written down things you want or would like to see happen? Maybe you’ve created a vision board or formally developed a goal sheet. This is similar and what I believe to be super effective. Without taking the time to perfect your goals or get inside your head just start writing down things you want for your life. Maybe this is just in the next year or maybe the next ten years. I did this last night without hesitation or taking the time to stop and think about each goal I had just written down. And this is the little bit of magic I came up with in my rapid fire:

  • non profit

  • 2 public speaking gigs

  • buy a house

  • go on a retreat

  • get another dog

  • start a garden

  • practice yoga (more)

  • write/publish a book

  • gain an online following

  • create an app

  • start (business name here)

  • work for myself

  • speak at high schools

  • meet gabrielle bernstein

  • go on a romantic getaway

  • live dairy free

  • live headache free

  • visit home at least once a year

  • maintain a savings account

  • host an event

  • have chickens/bunnies/pig

  • in home women’s group

  • marry my love

  • become an ASM

  • start paying off my car

  • go on more walks

  • hike more

  • have a coffee date once a week

  • enjoy 1 real day off a week

  • inspire others to dream BIG

  • travel, travel, travel

  • meditate daily

  • create my own space

  • drink more green juice

  • start making to-do lists

  • wake up early

  • call home more

  • read a book a month

  • build an in-home  library


I must say at the end of the 60 (maybe more) seconds I was pretty amazed with what my brain spewed out. All of the things I wrote down are in my head and needed to be released so they can finally manifest. I can’t even describe the relief that came from the shortest goal session of my life. I now have a tangible list of things I already knew I wanted in and for my life that I can look at on a regular basis and check in with myself. Am I reading a new book each month? Have I had enough green juice? Am I making time to meditate, go on walks, call home? If you have never or maybe just haven’t in awhile taken the time to write out some goals, those things that are flooding your brain waiting to be released, I encourage you to take 60 seconds today to spew out some magic on paper. If your anything like me you will walk away feeling accomplished and inspired.



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2 thoughts on “60 Second Goals

  1. Oh my gosh!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Grabbing my new journal and doing a 60 goal brain dump before bed right now!


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